other fruit spirits 

Aim > capture the essence of the fruit

  • Pip fruits > Willams pear, apple, quince 

  • Stone fruits > plums (mirabelle), cherries (kirsch)

  • Berries/soft fruits > raspberries, strawberries

Alsace + France > Eau-de-vie

Germany > Geist or Wasser

Northern Italy



Processing the raw materials 

2 techniques > fermentation OR maceration


  • fruit is crushed

  • cultured yeast is added 

  • around 5%abv 

  • stone fruits > to include the pip or not

  • stones add distinct aroma

  • Kirsch made w/o the stone is extremely cherry, with the stone is had an obvious marzipan flavour

  • stones need to remain in shape during crushing to avoid any overwhelming aromas developing

  • stones are removed prior to fermentation


  • berries/soft fruits in neutral alcohol and water mix

  • option used for expensive or fruit that is in short supply

  • produces a more intensely fruity spirit


  • double pot still

  • some equipped with short rectifying column, promoting additional reflux resulting in a lighter spirit

  • collet at high strength to capture fragrant, volatile aromas

  • maximum 86%abv


  • usually unaged

  • some are mellowed in glass jars or stainless steel

  • stone fruits > typically mellowed

  • soft fruits > bottled earlier

  • wood ageing > ASH, imparts less flavour, high evaporation levels

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